Artichoke Dip Pasta

Artichoke Dip Pasta | eat. snack. love!

One of my favorite things to share with my family or friends at a potluck is artichoke dip.  I love it because it’s versatile, stores well in the freezer and its delicious.  It makes for a hearty snack, which in my little world, heavy appetizers are the best. thing. ever.  Ask our wedding guests.  That’s…

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Ice Cream Sandwiches | eat. snack. love!

Ice Cream Sandwiches

I’ll admit it like most Washingtonians do: it’s hot here right now.  Yes, once the temperature rises past 80 degrees, we all start complaining and you’d think we’d melt in this heat.  I assure you, we won’t, but we’re so hot that we think it might.  The solution to what the rest of the country considers…

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I-5 Pile Ups | eat. snack. love!

Homemade I-5 Pile Ups

For those who aren’t on the west coast, “I-5″ may sound foreign.  It’s short for Interstate 5, which is the main freeway that runs from the Canadian border to California.  Although, I’ve heard people in California call it “the 5″.  Hmmmm, weird.  Regardless, here in Washington, this mound of a breakfast is called an I-5…

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Stitch Fix Review | eat. snack. love!

Stitch Fix Review #1

I contemplated titling this post “How Jen Got Her Groove Back”, but decided against it.  It was a close margin, though. As you all know, I recently had a baby.  I’d love to report that the weight just fell off and lugging around my infant gave me guns for biceps and picking her up gave…

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Goat Cheese Burgers | eat. snack. love!

Goat Cheese Burgers

You have two choices after reading this post: heat up your cast iron skillet or fire up the barbeque.  It’s completely up to you!  I recently purchased my very first cast iron skillet.  I was so excited to use it that I watched multiple episodes of The Pioneer Woman to see how she used hers.  Man,…

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Healthy Yogurt Parfaits | eat. snack. love!

Healthy Yogurt Parfaits

While summer isn’t “officially” here until mid-June, Memorial Day sure does kick off the season, especially when the weather cooperates.  This is one of my all-time favorite summertime snacks, which I eat morning, noon or night.  I don’t discriminate as to what time of day it should hit my table.  Couple the summer season with…

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Quiche 5 Ways | eat. snack. love!

Quiche: 5 Ways

It’s almost time for a long weekend, woohoo!  If you’re anything like us, we don’t usually have plans to get away for Memorial Day.  We have some property about an hour away from our house and I have asked my husband for years if we can head down there for the holiday.  I mean, it’s…

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Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice Soup | eat. snack. love!

Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

I like to get out of the office during lunch so that I make myself take a break from my work life.  When you’ve been working in the same city as long as I have, you tend to become bored with the same ol’ restaurant choices.  You really can only eat so many burgers in one…

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Loaded Wedge Salad | eat. snack. love!

Loaded Wedge Salad

I completely stink.  I’m going to blame pregnancy brain for this one.  How long can I use that excuse?  I made this during the holidays.  Yes, the CHRISTMAS holiday season.  My tree is in the background in a photo I took of this salad on my phone.  See?  I stink. I promise I wasn’t hoarding…

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